Internet Marketing Success: How Can You Tell Which Online Marketing Information Is Right?

When you’re searing the web for online marketing information, how can you be sure you’ve stumbled upon a solution that will bring internet marketing success?If you’re a little skeptical, you’re wise, as there’s a swarm of internet marketers out there ready and willing to fill your head with whatever it takes to get you to buy-buy-buy!Beware of anyone on the internet who can “guarantee” you of internet marketing success. There is NEVER a guarantee in ANY business – and of course, this includes internet marketing as well. And it’s wise to be a little skeptical of such misleading capture pages.However, although a little skepticism is healthy, there’s much to be said about simply trusting the Universe when it comes to internet marketing success. Why? Because people will buy from those who they know, like and trust… and, by law of attraction, if you don’t trust anyone out there, then nobody’s gonna trust you either!Having said that, let’s get down to some factual online marketing information that will help point you towards internet marketing success…First, find out what people are searching for. If you have a viral marketing blog, you’re off to a great start. However, you have to take into consideration that boring material that nobody’s searching for will be a waste of time to create. So your first step toward internet marketing success has to do with keyword research.Although there are several programs out there where you can find out detailed online marketing information about number of searches, amount of traffic, value of leads etc. – you might just want to start off with what’s free.The External Google Keyword Research tool can be accessed at When you click “exact match”, you’ll be getting a more realistic view of the number of people who are searching for your particular “keyword phrase”.Now that you’ve researched your keyword phrase and know exactly how many people are searching for that particular phrase, format your blog post around that phase. On-page SEO strategies dictate to put that phrase in your H1, H2 and H3 headings on your post. For example, you will note that “online marketing information” and “internet marketing success” are built into my title, headings and first and last sentences on this post.But what about viral marketing? Is there any online marketing information that will point you towards internet marketing success with social media?Social media is a great way to begin the “kick-off”. Although you can’t find out how many people are “searching” for keyword phrases on Facebook or Twitter, you can take an educated guess that people will be drawn to the same material.However, you’ll want to take a slightly different approach with viral marketing, because people tend to be drawn to images more than words. I like to search for an inspirational quote that might relate to my post and upload it into Facebook with a link that points to my blog post with additional information – and of course, that will point to my capture pages to collect leads.And finally, the next key online marketing information tidbit for internet marketing success is your email follow-up…Most people need to be approached, on average, seven times before deciding to make the final decision to buy. SEVEN TIMES? YIKES! I could never do that – no wonder I was never any good at sales! I like to treat people like I would like to be treated – keeping in mind that I wouldn’t want to be chased down and asked to buy over and over again – would you?Fortunately, the internet gives us the opportunity to approach people on autopilot – where they get to make their own choice to open emails and look for more information, which is a much better sales technique because this will give your prospect a feeling of WANTING what you have to offer, not folding and buying just because you “convinced” him.And, in the world of internet marketing success, you’ll find that it’s the people who do the work looking for the right kind of online marketing information to buy who become the most successful in the end.

How to Build an Internet Marketing Mailing List Using 4 Simple Methods

Like most Internet marketers, I have been given, and have bought, many internet marketing programs, and advice from the so called experts. While much of this advice has been good solid advice, if I where to focus only on one, it is this “If you truly want to make money on the internet, you MUST focus on building yourself a responsive mailing list”You see, the money is not only in the list, but in the relationship you build with it. This strategy is more commonly know as “permission based marketing” or “Opt-in email marketing”, either way, it simply involves you obtaining the name and email address of a potential customer, so that you can build a relationship with them based on trust, by having the ability to market to them as much or as little as you like.Opt-in or permission based marketing requires the permission of a willing and potential customer to subscribe to your marketing materials, such as: Newsletters, Catalog’s and promotional mailings, via e-mail.There are many methods to begin building your internet marketing mailing list, but I will concentrate on, what I believe to be the 4 simplest methods to get started:So read on…Simple Method No 1.Direct your traffic to a Lead Capture Page.I have seen many internet marketers go to a lot of time and expense driving traffic to their websites and Blogs, only to leave the majority of that traffic completely untapped.
You see, when a visitor arrives at your Website, they are only going to do 2 things:1. Stay around for a short time and explore, or…2. Immediately leave.
and it goes without saying, that to make your internet marketing efforts profitable, the
longer you have your visitor stay, the more sales/money you can make. So why not use a lead capture page/system, instead, to do the following:a). Keep your visitors interest so they stay around.b). Offer them some sort of ethical bribe for their name and email address, which will add them to your internet marketing mailing list.c). Enable you to present your offer quickly and in a much more professional manner.Simple Method No 2.Use a Professional Email Marketing Service.The use of a professional email marketing service provider, will help you do a number of things that ordinarily you probably WOULD NOT be able to do on your own, such as:1. Create a professional looking lead capture form and page.2. Ensure maximum deliver-ability of your emails. As your internet marketing mailing list grows, the deliver-ability of your emails can become more difficult, especially as you could be sending thousands of emails daily to your subscribers.3. Track your email analytic s, so that you can see who:a). Opens your emails.
b). Clicks on your links within the emails you send.
c). Which emails have bounced.
d). Which landing page converts the best.
e). Which Sales page converts the best,Most of the email marketing service providers out there will provide these functions for
you. The provision of these providers is outside the scope of this article, but if you visit my blog (in the author bio) you will find further info on this.Simple Method No 3.Provide MASSIVE Value by Giving Something of Value Away.This next method is the method that an awful lot of internet marketers simply don’t get.
They fail to understand how you can build your internet marketing mailing list and make
money by giving something away, but if you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense and this is how it works:1.Your traffic arrives at your lead capture page, were YOU are wanting them to leave their name and email address as a minimum.2.As a trade for their personal info, you will send them something FREE connected to
whatever it is that brought them there in the first place. This can be a free report, a free video or a free resource. The important thing is that it must have some perceived value to your visitor.3.The freebie can be delivered immediately (by directing to a download page) or it can be delivered later in your welcome email. I have found that delivering in your welcome email is best, as usually your subscriber will need to confirm that they want it by clicking on the confirmation link sent by the email service provider, so this serves as a reminder for them as well.4.As previously mentioned, after sign-up you have the option of presenting your sales offer immediately.Note: One very important point here, make sure your give away is of the highest perceived value that it can be, remember that you are trying to build trust with your internet marketing mailing list, and it starts here!Simple Method No 4.Provide Great Service and Products.Think of it like this: Keep a clean and private list. Never lose the trust your customers have placed in you. If you provide your subscribers emails to other internet marketers, and as a result they get spammed, many will probably unsubscribe from your list. So Remember, a good reputation will drive in more traffic and more subscribers to your internet marketing mailing list, as well as strengthen the stick ability and loyalty of your existing customers.All the best.