April 13, 2024

Over the past few years, Mobile phones are becoming popular channel for marketing and advertisements. Being an essential part of daily life, mobile phone facilitates advertisement to reach his target audiences almost anytime, anywhere. Another advantage is that each marketing advertisement can be target to individual’s profile. Depending on market and consumers requirement, shape of mobile marketing also changes. Here we will see what different types of mobile advertisements are available.Text Messages:This is the simple and most popular form of mobile marketing. Mobile advertisement reaches to his audience in form of a simple text message using SMS (Short Message Service) or CBS (Cell Broadcast Service).I still remember a message from leading book store, “Want latest Harry potter book? Subscribe now by replying yes”. Another example you must have seen during cricket/sports tournaments,” send CKRT for news on “. This form of advertising is equivalent to e-mail marketing and have the same issue of SPAM.Multimedia Messaging Services: Limitation of SMS is that it only supports text. MMS advertisement can also contain Image/Audio/video and these contents can be arranged in a timed slideshow. Nearly all phones come with MMS capability of sending/receiving MMS. Apple’s iPhone is an exception for MMS, as it doesn’t support MMS functionality. These messages can be targeted to individual audience as well as group of similar interest people. Again messaging advertisement comes with size limitation.On-demand Multimedia content: Demand of multimedia content such as images/video/games/ring tones is increasing with availability of powerful multimedia capability enables phone. And thus enabling vendors to use this opportunity to penetrate the market and connect to his audiences. Example of these advertisement are ‘messages before or after any video’, ‘Ads strip below/top of Image/video/games ‘, ‘logos, service info integrated into game content’, ‘Full-page ad image between game phases’. Nowadays promotion of movies and albums are also happening on mobiles.Web based Advertisement: The internet is reaching into the phone through WAP. Our phones are becoming an active node of internet and soon it will outnumber the internet users who use PC. Advertising on web pages specifically meant for access by mobile devices and it is becoming a popular trend in mobile marketing. These ads are exposed to user on a web page in form of images, links, banners etc.Google, Yahoo, and other major mobile content providers have been selling advertising placement on their properties. These web pages and ads are compatible to mobile web browsers and thus provide advertisers a way to reach mobile customers easily. Now media brands are deploying portals which are not only for browsing but also gives engaging experience. Example ‘preview before buy’ feature.Advertisement using Bluetooth/Infrared: Bluetooth and infrared are cost free wireless communication technologies. Using Bluetooth different vendors send their mobile content to buyers. These technologies have limitation with distance, so vendors normally installed Bluetooth/Infrared enabled devices and contact users for mobile contents. Here these technologies require user’s permission so this advertisement cannot be targeted for broadcast. Games/images/audio/videos are transfer to audience with their permission. Although this is not very popular way of advertisement but it is very effective. ValueFirst Connect conducted Bluetooth marketing for Tata Sumo Grande in India.Location Based Services:Location Based service (LBS) are offered by operators as a way to send the information requested by user based on their current location. With greater data rates and better data services, subscribers are increasingly using LBS applications.Think about the scenario; LBS subscriber requested information about all food joints in a particular locality. Operator will provide details or all restaurants/cafes near to that place. This is nothing but a custom advertising. Customer will get information and Brands will get a medium to attract a customer. This advertisement can be text based, banner based or icon based depending upon user subscription.Miscellaneous: Mobile coupons, short codes, keywords are other different types of advertisement to target consumers. Mobile coupons are just like normal coupons expect available on phone. They are targeted by individual preferences and locations, thus producing a greater return.Gartner predicts that the mobile advertising market will grow from £535 million last year to surpass $2.7 billion in 2008 and $12.8 billion by 2011. Such promising growth attracts more and more marketers towards mobile marketing and making way for more and more advertisements. Mobiles phones enable a two way communication advertising between marketer and customers. Let’s wait what other types of interactive advertisement are coming up for customers.